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Sport: Stars, Kenny and Cullen won ZLAN 2021

Sport: Stars, Kenny and Cullen won ZLAN 2021

All three Stars, Quilm “Kenny” Reynolds and Arnaud “Cullen” Firrinseeli won ZLAN 2021 this Sunday evening. If ZLAN is a “unique” form of sport, it brings in some of the most influential French streamers and shares competitive values ​​known to fans familiar with topics such as League of Legends or Overwatch (some former professionals were there this weekend).

Trackmania (car racing), Battleride (fighting in a multiplayer arena), Trial Rising (motocross racing) and Walheim (in a world inspired by Survival Nordic mythology).

With a maximum audience of 239,700, ZLAN was once again a success. Elevated by some of the biggest names in the French twitch scene, such as Domingo, Skyard or Stars, the competition has the effect of breathing in freshly-arranged, fresh air while health activities are less and less controlled.

Best of all in organizing streaming and audience-engaging events, Gerdor used ZLAN to announce the launch of its next competition, the Trachmania Cup, on July 17.

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