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Apple WWTC 2021: New contacts at home, and Siri soon on third-party devices

Apple WWTC 2021: New contacts at home, and Siri soon on third-party devices


The attached house has the right to a small enclosure during the inaugural conference of WWDC 2021. Apple announced the arrival of Siri on third-party devices, and new contacts between its own.

Rumor has it that Apple will be using the WWTC 2021 to launch a dedicated home OS. Finally, there is no Homeos, but the company has noted the arrival of many new products for the home.

Major innovations expected at home at Apple this year. (© Apple)

Sree integrated well with Apple TV, and soon in other brands of products as well

Many go through Sri without surprise. Unable to recognize the voices of many users, Apple’s voice assistant should benefit from further integration into Apple TV, for example there is the possibility of launching a project by listening to a homepage, but we will retain openness, especially for third-party manufacturers.

So, Siri will finally be able to integrate products other than Apple, which seems to have realized that its homepots will not be enough to win at home against Google and Amazon. It remains to be seen whether manufacturers will currently respond. Only one thermostat was shown during the conference. However, Apple has announced that Matter will support iOS 15 using WWDC 2021, the new universal wireless protocol for the home, which should be launched later this year.

An eGobi thermostat with Siri.

An eGobi thermostat with Siri. (© Apple)

New to protect the house

Apple, meanwhile, has not given up on its smart speakers, especially as Apple announces that it can use the Home Bot Mini as speakers with 4K. Apple Watch will see the advent of the new version of the home app, which will not only broadcast voice messages specifically to home speakers, but also access the video stream of surveillance cameras and doorbells attached to the homekit.

You can quickly respond to the doorstep from your Apple Watch.

You can quickly respond to the doorstep from your Apple Watch. (© Apple)

There are also some new features to be noticed in the management of cameras with Apple’s home automation solution, which can quickly detect the remaining parcels on the doorstep. You can also control some equipment from the live view screen of the home appliance, such as the lights that are more clearly visible in the garden. Finally, Apple announced the Home Keys function to automatically open the front door fitted with a compatible attached lock from an iPhone and Apple Watch.

Most of these innovations should come at the beginning of the school year iOS 15 And watchOS 8 Especially.

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