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Why Windows 7 is Dangerous - Digital

Why Windows 7 is Dangerous – Digital

The game is not new, but it happens again and again with disruptive consistency: support for the Windows version has expired again – this time for Windows 7. However, the old system continues to run on many computers and is increasingly becoming a security risk. There are no further updates, which means that any new security breaches that have been discovered remain open, giving criminals access to their computers and doing whatever they want.

Analyst StatCounter has identified a good four million Windows 7 devices when evaluating user data from two million websites in Germany. Outdated and insecure versions of Windows, including Vista, XP and 8, add 5.2 million devices as insecure.

For large companies and some executives who use Windows 7 or other outdated computers, the problem is not so serious, but expensive. You can continue to get support for ancient windows with special fees. Small companies and private individuals, on the other hand, are at great risk.

Some may wonder why she should be the target of her criminals. But anyone on the internet always reveals which system is running on the computer. Just go to a page with the script with malicious intent. Such scripts can be hidden in advertising banners, for example, they sometimes lead to popular sites. This will not be easy for hackers.

It is possible to know many years in advance when support for an organization will expire

The amazing thing about this issue is that it happens again. This is even though it was known many years ago when support for an organization would expire. In the context of a company, long-term use of older systems may be economical. There are often older programs that no longer run with the newer versions of Windows. Replacing them can be more expensive than paying for support renewals.

For private users, there is ignorance or negligence behind refusing to renew – or the fear that something will break. Microsoft provided a free update to Windows 10 and was annoyed by the standard tips for taking care of the update. Most computers that can handle Windows 7 run version 10 without any problems. This also applies to control software called drivers for external devices such as printers.

Of course, the manufacturer cannot deny from the outset that Microsoft is behind the calculation support cycles for selling its new software; Corporate customers still have to pay for it. But it was so bad. In the past, every new version of Windows required new hardware because the old computer would have been more than usual.

If a hole is closed, criminals will look for new holes

But over the years there have been many improvements in operating systems, not only in the interface that normal users see, but also in the engine room. This is especially true for the security framework. Its users may not be interested in how the operating system handles internal processes, but it is often associated with protection against threats.

They are constantly changing. Once a hole is closed, the search for a new one begins. Because systems are gigantic structures with millions of lines, they inevitably have errors. So it will never take long for the next hole to be discovered and exploited – information about it will spread very quickly in related circles. Then anyone can be infected: by stealing sensitive data or by turning a computer into a remote control zombie that sends spam emails.

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