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Here are two features that the director of Sony Console FF XIV wants

Here are two features that the director of Sony Console FF XIV wants

Nok Ki Yoshida, The director known for changing the face of Final Fantasy XIV and making it a success after the initial failure of the Square-Enix MMO. He talked about two aspects of the much-loved PlayStation 5 Among those offered by Sony’s next gen console.

In addition to accepting the role of Producer of Final Fantasy XVI, Yoshida continues to focus on the role of director of Final Fantasy XIV, in particular New Endwalker expansion Straight home and in the fall of this year Release of the open beta scheduled for April 13th.

Returning to talk about his MMO news, Yoshida had the opportunity to express his enthusiastic opinion about the PlayStation 5, Final Fantasy XIV Optimized Console Welcomes new technological advances.

“Actually, as an MMO developer, there are two major things that really impress this hardware Memory capacity, Greatly increased, and there are Very fast loading times. I think these are things that players can consider themselves important for the purpose of changing experience. “.

Yoshida, who spoke generally about the topic, explained how it applied to him I am particularly concerned about the Final Fantasy XIV project, And how he came out to make it technically identical on PC and console, and even playfully appeals to those “non-hardcore” players:

“You know, for over 30 years, over 35 years, this right has always been on the consoles. In fact, Final Fantasy’s house is on consoles. For this reason, it is our duty to ensure that individuals who play on consoles have no experience Not inferior in any way than that system.

personally, I am a big fan of MMOs. But you know, traditionally MMOs are the most important type, in fact hardcore gamers play MMOs. So I’m really going to change this perspective, I really wanted to change the perception given by MMOs. I wanted to make them more accessible to gamers in general. So, in a way, it makes this genre more popular. “.

We can say a task accomplished by the director, however more pieces of MMO users can be welcomed through sites where the game is not yet available. However, it was Yoshida who recently announced Switch and Xbox versions of Final Fantasy XIV are not possible.

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