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Why WhatsApp now communicates with its users about status - Panorama

Why WhatsApp now communicates with its users about status – Panorama

The Messenger service now uses its own functionality for advertising –
33 minutes ago

WhatsApp has recently started using its status functionality for its own advertising.

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After a very critical change in data security conditions, WhatsApp felt that it was their duty to resist this development, as users’ confidence in the security of the app was declining and as a result many users switched to alternatives such as telegram or signal.

Last week the company announced new features under the motto “Chat for your own eyes only”, For example, the “read later” function for fingerprint authentication or smartphone use on the desktop version.

In order to regain users’ trust, Facebook not only wants to take action on content related to the purchased Messenger service, but also wants to strengthen communications: WhatsApp uses its status function, which allows users to share content with friends for a period of 24 hours.

Data protection and privacy: These are the most important WhatsApp systems

The Instant News Service seeks to raise awareness of the “duty of privacy” through its own status statements. In this context, it implies that the company does not read data security, end-to-end encryption and any messages. Information about new features and updates should continue to reach users in the future.

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