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Say "Enough, friends as before" and go back to Solail

Say “Enough, friends as before” and go back to Solail

Gianmaria Antinolphia Says enough Sophie Kotkoni. Weeks back and forth from the former Tronista Men and women, And even after asking him for a kiss for the last few hours and admitting that he had not received a kiss since the last episode of GF Vip, Gianmaria decided to put a definite point to their introduction at night.

Gianmaria Sophie dies after episode of GF Vip

Continuing insecurity Sophie Would have brought Gianmaria To make his official decision, especially in light of the attitude of the woman who was “turned on” following his arrival Alessandro Passiano.

After the episode, Gianmaria and Sophie talked about their relationship, and the young man explained:

I will answer you very casually: at a certain point it clicks or does not click. It didn’t take off with me. I don’t like going back and forth. It was okay, but seeing that it did not shoot, I was thinking about some things before the episode. Guys, I promise you the same as before. We tried, but it clicks or not. I’m fine with myself, I’m calm. I ask you.

I think there is no point in insisting. We sleep together, hug, kiss first, then kiss, I do not want to puzzle to understand your motives. I want to be quiet, I can not sit still and think why you do not kiss me, why you turn your face, you do not like me as much as I want. These thoughts have been with me for a long time in my life. Now I have learned to love myself, and today I love myself so much, I put myself first. I gave 100%, it did not go, I can not help.

On the way back from the antinolphic group he gave her a kiss on the cheek. Or rather, from சோலைல் To which he replied:

Don’t hurt me anymore, we need to be close. You know we can trust each other. You can always count on me.