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Why not have a platinum file like the PlayStation on the Xbox?  Microsoft's answer

Why not have a platinum file like the PlayStation on the Xbox? Microsoft’s answer

The record system was first introduced in the gaming world by Microsoft with the Xbox 360, but unlike the PlayStation consoles the American company never thought to add. Platinum Cup that can reward complete users.

Thought to explain the reason for this decision Jason Ronald, Project Managing Director for the Xbox division. During the new episode of Iron Lords Podcast, Ronald explained that the Platinum Cup would be against Microsoft’s wishes. Reasonable reward for any kind of player Take a look at its sites.

“There are some users who want to play multiplayer”, His statements. Things like what we do to reward them and show their progress? There are others who like to play tons of different games … and then there are others like me who are perfect and I like to do everything within the same game.. Then the words They do not allow the hypothesis to be implemented in the future Platinum record“, At least not in the future. Would you like Microsoft to take a note from the feature that Sony uses instead?

In any case, some kind of change cannot be ruled out Microsoft considers goals for the Xbox Series X as one of its priorities, With FPS Boost and Game DVR. Meanwhile, on the eve of the first twenty years of the Xbox, Microsoft has organized Meeting with its predecessors led by Reggie Fils-Aime.