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"why no?"  Culture Sends culture by mail

“why no?” Culture Sends culture by mail

Closed due to a health crisis, the Porto Cultural Caf “” Burcoy Pass “has a plan for envelopes to elevate the cultural sector and bring a little joy during this complex period.

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Is the purpose of Pourquoi pas to make people smile? Created in 2019 Lionel Lopez And Wenak Bechard, Why not? A cultural cafe located in the center of the Saint-Jeanne district. Update theater, slam, concerts, quiz or sports evening, which offers a different show every evening from Tuesday to Saturday. The latter has attracted more than 10,000 people since its opening. However, this partition had to close its doors in the wake of the health crisis. Instead of getting frustrated, both managers wanted to use this closure to create some of their own plans. Driven by culture, they imagined with their coach, Juliet Miklerina, Cultural envelopes. A “unity project” that allows them to have a connection with their audience. “The idea is to provide a model of our programming and highlight local artists and actors who are currently in trouble,” Lionel explains.

Local artists who attract attention

The envelopes include a download ticket for the region’s multi-instrument Vocal album, codes that allow you to download a playlist created by the Bordeaux Media type, and an offer at the room’s online development program. Recipients will be delighted to discover the board game created by Ilo, the publisher who wrote the poem Dustoha, Slammer of the Street Def Records Association, a description with stickers designed by the Porto Joint “La Brigade to Bonhour” and a short story proposed by the TACK newspaper. Many local initiatives and events attract attention.

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1500 envelopes will be shipped soon

Envelopes are primarily intended for seniors and students, especially those affected by crisis and loneliness. “500 envelopes will be sent to homes around Coffee, and 500 will be sent to retirement homes, and the last 500 will be sent to University Cruise,” the youth explains. Content is created according to the recipients so that everyone appreciates this little attention. The manager adds: “This is to give people a little joy. They will find a gift they never expected in the mailbox. Delivery will begin on February 25th. For those unlucky enough to find one of these envelopes, the cafe has plans waiting to be discovered soon.