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Why is Thomas Baskett going to create two space orbits next week?

Why is Thomas Baskett going to create two space orbits next week?

On March 24, 2017, French astronaut Thomas Basquet during his second spaceflight. – Manual / NASA / AFP

  • Solar panels will be installed at the International Space Station, which has been closed by Thomas Basket since April 23.
  • With American Shane Kimbero, it was the French astronaut who stuck to establishing them. The trip is scheduled for June 16 and 20 and will last for 6.30 hours each.
  • The task is important. Both panels will allow ISS to receive 20 to 30% more power and have current until 2030.

Thomas Baskett A few moments can escape from the 388 m3 living space
International Space Station (ISS) He has been in custody since April 23. Not once, not even twice. This is because ISS benefits from two new solar panels. It was a French astronaut
American Shane Kimbero, Who will install them.

Two trips of about 6.30 hours each

The two will make two space trips on Wednesday and Sunday for the mission. “Each of them should last about 6.30 hours,” NASA explains In a press release.

The task is important. Orbiting the Earth at an altitude maintained at 330 to 420 km, ISS ensures its power distribution depending on its eight solar panels. With a total area of ​​2,500 m2, they are currently capable of generating up to 160 kilowatts of electricity in orbit, half of which is stored in the station’s batteries for use when exposed to the sun.

Increase the solar power generation capacity of ISS

These eight panels work well. “But they began to show signs of degeneration as expected from the design of the fifteen-year lifespan,” NASA said. Many have reached this age, mostly “the first pair of solar panels installed in December 2000”, describing the American space agency.

Two new panels to be installed – Boeing – and special – portable, will be unveiled by ISS on June 5. Cargo Dragon from Space X.. Once stopped, they are six meters wide and 19 meters long. Thomas Baskett and Shane Kimbero are currently in the process of installing six of the eight solar panels in front of them. A good extra value is expected at the end of the day as the power generation capacity of ISS should benefit from 20 to 30% more energy and the maximum generating capacity should go from 160 kW to 215. With these two new panels, the space station will be guaranteed to have energy until 2030.

Third and fourth voyage on the espace for the basket

Through this mission, Thomas Baskett will enjoy his third and fourth space missions. Between November 2016 and June 2017, he undertook the first two missions during his first voyage on the ISS, with Shane Kimbero already on board, already having six additional vehicle trips on the clock.

These two new trips make good lines for Thomas Baskett’s already full CV, which they will take The command of the ISS, at the end of its mission. First for a French astronaut.

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