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Why Apple is afraid of iMessage for Android

Why Apple is afraid of iMessage for Android

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Apple has refused to port iMessage to Android for years. The reason for this goes out Publicly available documents A case with epic games. Accordingly, the team fears that sales of iPhones will decline, even if it only makes the ambassador available for the competition.

In this case, the game developer accuses the iPhone maker of disrupting competition, especially since Apple binds users to the “ecosystem” of their own iOS operating system. iMessage plays an important role in this.

Android phones are available for children

Some employees have been cited in the documents to confirm Apple’s opposition to iMessage boarding. In an internal email, App Store boss Bill Schiller said it would do more harm than good to the company.

Software boss Craig Federgei said the same IMessage for Android only will work “thus preventing iPhone families from buying Android smartphones for their children“.

It remains to be seen how the process will go. Epic Games sued Apple after the company banned Fortnight from the App Store. Game developer wanted Bypass commission payments to Apple. Future Zone reported.

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