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Who is going to play Nintendo's Game Building Game?

Who is going to play Nintendo’s Game Building Game?

Through the video game workshop, Nintendo offers a new way of consuming video games. The comment, however, seems very playful and interesting. We are especially interested in discovering games created by others.

Switch, in addition to commercial success, is a real testing ground for Nintendo. The Japanese company is not satisfied with the rejection of its primary licenses, but seeks New ways to (do) play. This strategy gave birth to the lab, which allows players to do either Card parts, Or Mario Kart races to live in your living room (With cars running from the console). A few days ago, Nintendo added a new stone to its mansion: Video Game Workshop. Here, the goal is to provide tools to design games from A to Z.

A game that allows you to play? The idea is not new. Topics such as Little Big Planet, dreams Or Minecraft Browse this DIY philosophy (do it yourself). Nintendo, already, belongs to the genre The Super Mario Maker (Or his lab). Video Game Workshop, Which will be available exclusively on Switch on June 11th, wants to go further than the levels designed for this lovely mustachioed plumber. Numerama was able to attend a presentation to learn more about the project.

Behind the Scenes // Source: Nintendo

Interesting lessons

Creating a game yourself, choosing a genre and filling it with ideas that work can be a daunting task. Through its workshop, Nintendo wants to make the process easier, if not more confident. The approach is definitely fun and, logically, goes through an important learning phase. Video Game Workshop Therefore, in order to understand the dynamics that need to be related to each other, many interactive lessons are divided into stages. There are seven in all, and they vary in length (up to 90 minutes!). They end up with small challenges to find out if we understand everything. Like Nintendo, the notes are scattered everywhere (here, the menus generate sounds from Mario Sounds).

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These lessons, centered on a particular aspect of development, may create a kind of game in the game. We can easily imagine the owners of the switch enjoying these little learning moments, simply for the enjoyment of the game. Discovery. You do not have to have a very advanced creative streak to open your mind, it will make this experience more universal. Otherwise, we can already find a real potential for the most talented so they will not hesitate to share their projects online so that as many as possible can benefit from them (including lazy people like us).

Lessons Interface // Source: Nintendo

The other challenge for Nintendo is to make the interface as accessible as possible, which can seem daunting behind the scenes of a video game. At this point, we see the footsteps of multinational companies that have imagined dozens of cute little guys softening the concept. Baptized notons, each of whom has a moment of their own glory, and does not hesitate to make jokes.

For example, countable noto “say phrases like” You can include me Anyone who allows you to integrate the ‘Start Over’ command will not stop complaining about his fatigue (because he should always start). We don’t know if these little creatures will be enough to make the tool so cheap, especially for the younger ones. At this point, Nintendo hopes the kids will be helped by parents – just like the lab already.

A Beautiful Nodan // Source: Nintendo

Because we have to admit that behind the video game we can create hides a screen full of contacts and information – the goal is to connect the notons to play a successful game. Nintendo integrates the maximum parameters we can affect: the size of the hero, the dimensions and properties of the objects (example: we can make a nest stable), the management of the camera, the sounds… We can even choose the art direction, however, it is necessary to create anew on the console (external files can not be imported ).

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To achieve ambitious games, Video Game Workshop Have to go through complex blocks. The future will tell whether Nintendo succeeds in breaking down enough barriers for newcomers or whether its new debit will only attract an experienced audience. Success depends on the functioning of the community, which will have to be cut in two and meet.

Customization in Video Game Workshop // Source: Nintendo

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