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Citizen Evil returns to the switch.  In a dead state written by Day DLC ...

Citizen Evil returns to the switch. In a dead state written by Day DLC …

If you fail to have a Resident Evil 8 in the cloud version, Nintendo Switch players can comfort themselves with Dead by Daylight through this new special Resident Evil DLC.

Announced during the last Capcom event dedicated to Resident Evil, this DLC Zombie Saga was presented during its 25th year with little more to reveal!

This new episode is about Leon S; Kennedy and Jill Valentine. Each of the survivors will have three new skills.

Flashbank will allow the player to design an object that is one of Lyon. After repairing several generators, Leon can hide a blinded grenade in a cupboard, which can be useful to distract or reduce the killer.

Players who want to take on the role of the killer will be glad to be able to slip into the rotten skin of Nemis! It can infect survivors with its tents. The more it suffers, the longer its tent will last. To counter its effects, survivors need to find vaccines that are hidden at the level. These vaccines are available in small doses.

For the first time in Dead By Daylight history, the Resident Evil episode also includes AI-led assassins. Not only will Nemisis’ attacks be avoided, but the survivors will also have to avoid the zombies that roam around waiting to bite their brains… so it will have to update the way it is played and the survivors will have to modify it to get it out alive!

According to the new map, this is the famous Raccoon City Police Station. As the former stronghold of justice, this is nothing but a terrible catastrophe from which we will have to flee …

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The Resident Evil episode will be available from June 15 for 99 11.99 (we can imagine it will be 11.99 euros for us). As a bonus, players will receive a unique charm with the Umbrella Corporation logo.

Immerse yourself in the horrible trailer, right there:

Starrrrrrrsss !!!

What do you think? Are you going to fall for the Dead of Daylight to add a little Citizen Evil to your switch?