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Spy Racers SH1FT3R sgomma su Rise of Nintendo Switch ~ Pokemon Millennium

Spy Racers SH1FT3R sgomma su Rise of Nintendo Switch ~ Pokemon Millennium

Fast & Furious The video game world has a love-hate relationship, in fact in 2020 we saw it fail Fast and furious crossroads With much thunder failure. However, the desire to fully exploit the brand, the most fortunate in the room, prevailed and Explicit games Announced the title for the month of November Fast and Furious: The Rise of Spy Racers SH1FT3R On all platforms including Nintendo Switch (We are already talking about the model Pro).

The title is obviously inspired by the lucky ones Animated series Netflix, Try to use its success. Product developed 3D clouds And it seems to maintain a strong arcade system and a fast pace. We can accept the characters of our favorite gods in the game Secret pilots, Which stands alone Tony Torreto. There will be different modes online and local between single player and multiplayer; Betting will be enriched by various weapons and various technical gadgets inspired by the successful series.

CEO of Blatant He said the house hopes to provide an experience that combines the adrenaline of the race with the variety and unpredictability of a thousand tech gadgets. In short, the title promises to be highly anticipated, ensuring the fun of a racing game without losing the right amount of “Tamarrock” that distinguishes the right race Fast & Furious.

The Netflix series was first proposed in 2019 and is even proud among executive producers Vin Diesel, The star of the Saga movie. The series follows the sequel of a group of young street racers who infiltrate into a criminal underground racing circuit, between last breath and deadly dangers. The fourth season is available on streaming, while the ninth episode of the saga film will be released in the summer.

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