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Which is the best GPS app?

Which is the best GPS app?

Waze or Google Maps? Auto Plus compares the two most popular navigation apps at the moment. Their strengths, weaknesses, you can make your choice after reading this article.

Although they are controlled by the same company (Google acquired Waze in 2013), Neither application Not identical. They have both their respective advantages and disadvantages. So we organized this “competition” Compares their many specific properties.


There, we can say that there is Up. Waze Google Maps really works All Android and iOS settings, Even older versions. Both applications too Compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This allows them to be displayed on the car’s center screen or even On the digital dashboardOf course if the car is fitted with it.


Waze proposes Fewer features than Google MapsHis Interface Necessary Simple. However, we are mainly talking about an application DrivingThis is an undeniable advantage. This round Is for Waze.

Maps and navigation

For The richness of the mapWe announce one again ex aequo. Both applications are very complete. He almost Can’t find location Where should we go.

Corn Waze Because it makes a difference during navigation Calculated Paths In real time And can automatically recalculate the path Depending on the traffic Throughout the trip. It’s more efficient than Google Maps, thanks to this Great participating community. That’s the value One more point.

Alerts and advertising

This is one of the few features Irritated from Waze. At the small stop, it shows Unwanted ads Almost the entire phone screen. Admittedly, it can be helpful to know if we have a good restaurant or a good shop within 500 meters, but we also know people who distract us. Deliberately changed their goal Attempting to remove ad.

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On the contrary, on Google Maps, No or Tiny Advertising.

Corn Waze Starts again Benefit In the case Warnings, Memorized by the application or interacted with by other users. Traffic jams, construction sites, Mobile or fixed speed camerasThe vehicle was stopped, the goods on the road … Waze is a Great help, And apologized for its “business” side. A point for her.

Data usage

Downline All this information in real time: Waze uses data from your project Mobile without counting. It is good to know this when you start on the road, especially if you use a prepaid card.

So data consumption Less problem with Google MapsEspecially since the application allows you Download Tamil At home Maps of frequently visited areas. Clearly, we can move on Without mobile connection. Of course, you can also download maps with Waze, but this functionality does not belong to the application.

So you need to know how to do it. Winner: Google Maps.

Other facilities

Some more ex aequo : Provides both applications Voice commandInteresting points on your path or your goal and Research Can be done by Category filters.

A point for Google Maps And its functions “Satellite view” and street view. This can certainly be a little confusing for some in navigation mode, but the photo view of the place you are going to for the first time is very practical.

A point for Waze And its possibilities Customization. Because who would not want to change the small navigation arrow His car logo Or “Pooh” emoji and who do not want to be guided Scooby-Doo’s voice Or Batman?

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4 to 2, Victory for Waze. A judgment can be very Subjective. Google Maps will guide you Bike or cattleThanks for a great one Consider public transportation, For example. But we are Auto MoreAnd hope that we have taken that into account Daily worries Important Motorists.

Achieve the goal By avoiding As much as possible Plugs And speed camerasIsn’t that what we all want?

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