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Where is the Amazon under the Christmas tree?  Excellent tips for use

Where is the Amazon under the Christmas tree? Excellent tips for use

Amazon Echo – Alexa Smart Home entry

Who is the first Amazon owner since Christmas Echo speaker Numbers, many functions can be expected. Because with the smart speaker or Echo Show The smart display also attracts Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa Within your four walls. Many ask Alexa compatible devices In the word. For example, a robot starts vacuuming or flashing lights as needed. Many and almost everything available online is free and so much fun Alexa Skills. These are additional functions, such as apps.

Is Christmas one of the present? Amazon Echo4, Users benefit from the integrated ZigBee Center. Philips Hue fans in particular should be pleased because the lights support the wireless standard and can be connected directly to the Alexa speaker.

Amazon Echo (4. General) | Anthrazit


All Alexa functions, high sound quality and integrated ZigBee hub

In our guide we reveal what else is possible through Amazon Echo and Alexa. Then users can get started right now at Christmas.

Amazon Echo Under the Christmas Tree – Tip 1: Listen to music with Alexa

The Amazon Echo Speaker is not only a great gift when it comes to smart home control. If you want more entertainment, expect Echo device too. Finally, users can Listen to music with Alexa.

Various music streaming services can be integrated with Echo. These include, for example, Spotify or Deezer. But it works best on Amazon Music. After all, this is Amazon’s own service. It gives users access to many songs, podcasts and original Amazon titles.

Listening to music with Alexa means that no one has to run to the microphone to start their favorite playlist. Voice commands such as b. “Alexa, play the playlist [Name] On Spotify. “Or” Alexa, play music that puts you in a good mood. “Of course,” Alexa, play Christmas music. ”

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Extradip: Multiple echo speakers can be connected together Multroom-system Connect so that the same music sounds in each room. Ideal for adding the perfect soundtrack to the festive mood on Christmas days.

Amazon Music Unlimited

70 million songs in top quality
Amazon Music Unlimited

Enjoy over 70 million songs and many podcasts without ads. Also available offline. You can cancel at any time with a single click. From 7.99 euros per month. Click now and try it out for free for 3 months!

Go to Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Echo under the Christmas tree – Tip 2: Call with Alexa

If not all dear friends or relatives can get together for Christmas, this echo activity is a great tip. Because you can too Make calls with Alexa. As a rule, users have three options. They communicate from one echo to another or start video calls through the Echo Show. Amazon Echo also supports the popular Skype service. Via Call Vodafone OneNumber You can also make calls on a smartphone.

One thing is for sure: with Echo Loudspeaker, people can connect and communicate with each other regardless of location. If they have multiple echo devices in their own home, parents can, for example, invite their children to eat. But with the help of an echo loudspeaker distant grandparents can also be contacted.

Amazon Echo Under the Christmas Tree – Tip 3: Control the TV with Alexa

If you want to be comfortable in front of the TV, you are usually prevented from looking for the remote control. Users are doing well too Control TV with Alexa Can. With the Echo subwoofer, nothing stands in the way. Possible voice commands:

  • “Alexa, turn on the TV.”
  • “Alexa, pause TV playback.”
  • “Alexa, turn off the TV.”
  • “Alexa, the previous channel on TV.”
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Node: Who already has one Fire-TV-Stick On its own, Alexa can also operate his TV by voice with the remote control. Then, for example, let’s call the series by command. With the TV stick, users can turn their current TV into a smart one. So the festive holidays can easily end with a nice Christmas movie or series.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Streaming Stick with 4K Ultra HD Resolution and Alexa Remote Control.  Dolby Vision supports HDR, HDR10 + and Dolby Atmos audio.-43%

Streaming Stick with 4K Ultra HD Resolution and Alexa Remote Control. Dolby Vision supports HDR, HDR10 + and Dolby Atmos audio.

Amazon Echo Under the Christmas Tree – Tip 4: Use Echo with many people

The Amazon Echo device does not have to be just a Christmas present for a person. With the Smart Alexa Loudspeaker, all roommates or family members can have great fun. So, in our fourth tip, we reveal how Echo with many people uses.

As a rule, Amazon’s AI reacts with the word “Alexa” to every person who activates it. It’s exciting when Alexa differentiates between different users. This is achieved by the users Create Alexa voice profiles.

Amazon Echo enables individual playlists depending on the user or authorizes the mother to be reminded of different encounters than the daughter. We rate this as a practical Alexa function. To set up the function, the voice command “Alexa, learn my voice” is sufficient.

Amazon Echo under the Christmas tree – Note 5: Integrate Alexa into everyday life

Voice assistant Alexa is integrated into all Echo speakers, and has practical advantages. You can integrate your help into everyday life. Users can ask them about the weather in the morning or find out if there is traffic congestion on the way to work. Sports fans can provide them with news about football games of the past. All the simple functions can be informed to you before you pick up your smartphone.

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We think: Alexa makes everyday life easier for users and enhances the echo loudspeaker feature under the Christmas tree. Practical voice commands for everyday life:

  • “Alexa, how’s the weather?”
  • “Alexa, should I take an umbrella with me today?”
  • “Alexa, will it be sunny on Thursday?”

Amazon Echo Under the Christmas Tree – Tip 6: Use Amazon Echo Procedures

If you own an Echo speaker, you need to quickly access the Alexa app (Android | iOS) Download Tamil. This is a prerequisite for users to set up Amazon products or connect devices that are compatible with Alexa and Amazon Echo.

Another advantage is that Procedures Let’s create. This refers to some automations and if-after rows. For example, if the command “Alexa, good night” is given, the lights in the house will turn off automatically and the smart door lock will lock the front door at night. Another example is “Alexa, after work”, after which the TV is turned on and the smart lighting switches to warm colors for relaxation.

In our How-To we explain how to create practices like this Alexa: Create scenarios and practices – this is how it works.