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Where can I find IBAN and your Neopank account number?

Where can I find IBAN and your Neopank account number?

When setting up transfers or announcing taxes, it is sometimes necessary to enter a section indicating your IPAN or account number. This is what finding them if you are a customer of a Neopan located overseas like N26, Revolut or Monese.

During some administrative procedures, you will be asked to enter your IBAN or your account number. This is especially true when regular transfers or direct debits are set up or when you meet your annual tax return. If you have opened an account in a foreign neopang, you may be wondering where to find this information. Don’t worry, this data is very easy to find. This is the procedure to follow depending on whether you are a customer.

Available on your Révolut IBAN Bank mobile app, Revolt says on his blog. All you have to do is click on the EU flag next to the Euro balance on the home page to display it. Your account number is the last ten digits of IBAN.

You can find your Revolut IBAN here. // Source: Revelation Screen Shots, Numarama Notes

You can retrieve your IBAN on the N26 site by going to Customer Area. In the “My Account” section, a section is dedicated to it, Explains N26 on its website. Clicking on the icon at the top right of the box allows you to copy your account data. Otherwise, the “Download” section (the arrow icon next to the “Send” button) allows you to download your account statement where this information appears. Remember that the last ten digits of your IBAN form your account number.

You can access your IBAN N26 here. // Source: N26 Screen Shots, Numarama Notes

IBAN can also be restored in the N26 application. You will find a section on this subject in the My Account section. ” Click the icon to the right of the box to copy and send your account data directly »Refers to N26. By clicking on the three-bar icon in the top right, then in “Reports”, you can download an otherwise account statement, in which IPAN is remembered, at the bottom of the page.

Moniz’s French customers should not be distracted. From mid-2020, Neopank began issuing French account numbers. IPAN therefore adopts the classic configuration of French iPhones: the first characters are the FR characters and the two characters that make up the iPhone key. Come the five digits of the bank code and the other five digits of the branch code. The following eleven characters correspond to the account number. IBAN ends with two letters associated with the RIB key.

You can find your Monis iPhone here. // Source: Monies

Available in the IPAN “Account Details” section of your Monis account, below your balance, on the home screen of the mobile app, The company explains. The information is also displayed in the “Accounts” menu on the top left.

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