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When will Pokemon Live start on February 27, 2022?  - Breakflip

When will Pokemon Live start on February 27, 2022? – Breakflip

The next Pokemon Gifts have now been announced! It will be possible to deliver the next Pokemon innovations, but from what time?

After a Nintendo Filled directly with advertising, it a Provides Pokemon What happens! This is a live broadcast provided by Nintendo, which allows you to find out Upcoming Pokemon Game Releases. Next it will happen February 27And lasts approximately 14 minutes.

Since it will be broadcast on Nintendo’s YouTube channels, everyone can follow this event live and for free. But what time does it start? This This Sunday from 3 p.m. That you can attend! If you can not be there, do not panic, because the replay is still uploaded on YouTube.

When can I watch Pokémon Presents live?

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Find a retelling of the Pokmon present tense:

From this Sunday, February 27 at 3 p.m. Pokémon Presents from Nintendo Live! To follow this directly, you have several options:

  • You can go Official English YouTube Channel (Proof)
  • You can go French official YouTube channel (Proof)

If you do not have it by then, it’s not a problem! In fact, Pokemon presents are available for replay on all Nintendo’s YouTube channels.

Since these presents last only 14 minutes, they will be very short. However, this will allow us to learn more about the future of Pokemon games and future releases and updates related to this license.