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When it is obtained and how many points it is worth

In this useful guide We explain to you in a simple and clear way When MAD e can be scored How it is calculated.

We will clarify when it is received and how many points the service received is worth by making it available in schools.

Mad Score 2021

Does MAD score? Yes, You can get the score by making it availableBut, only if certain requirements are met. In fact, according to the reference n by MIUR. OM number. July 10, 2020 at 60 Service provided without access eligibility That is invaluable Add provincial rankings (GPS) as an alternative to teachers only in the following cases:

  1. G.P.

  2. For elementary school and primary GPS only, if primary school science students provide unqualified service. In this case, in fact, in pursuance of Schedule A / 2 of OM 60/2020, applicants can be assessed for rankings specific and non-specific, relative to relative childhood, in order to award graduates. Ranking and Primary.

So, in essence, it is necessary to score with MAD alternatives Get access Alternative material was provided before entering the rankings. Only applicants who qualify for admission can request the service provided and related points. However, the score for MAD alternatives cannot be confirmed without title, so in this case the service is not rated for the purpose of inclusion in GPS. They are an exception Elementary students who wish to enter secondary GPS for Kindergarten and Elementary School may request the service provided without qualification and, as a result, receive points for the disabled. Made available without title.

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How to calculate the score for availability

How many points is the supply value? Alternatives with MAD allow you to get Up to 12 points, Depending on the duration of the service provided. If the MAD conversion exceeds 15 points the score increases according to the value of 1 point and the duration of stay, up to a maximum of 12 points over 166 days.

You can calculate the MAD score Include service for all days performed during a school year. Therefore, the alternate days given in different years are not overall. The score with this rule allows you to increase the points for inclusion in the GPS and increase your position in the rankings.

Matte Score Calculation Table

Here is the detail How many points is the MAD value According to the alternate period:

  • 1 point – 16 consecutive days;
  • 2 points – 16 to 45 days;
  • 4 points – 46 to 75 days;
  • 6 points – 76 to 105 days;
  • 8 points – 106 to 135 days;
  • 10 points – 136 to 165 days;
  • 12 points – from 166 days.

More information and insight

For all information about MAD 2021, availability and how to apply, you can visit our exclusive page, from which you can Download the template MAD FREE pdf e word el ‘School Directory Send event. We have at your disposal all the rules for delivering as 2021/22 and our in-depth analysis guide on MAD ATA.

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