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When can you see the "C / 2021 A1 Leonard"?

When can you see the “C / 2021 A1 Leonard”?

BerlinIt will be a unique scenario: the comet “C / 2021 A1 Leonard”, discovered earlier this year, will fly over Earth next weekend and be visible in the morning sky. The Star Friends Association announced on Sunday morning that it would reach its closest distance. However, he is 34 million kilometers “worth the distance”. If the weather and dawn play together, the naked horizon is visible on the eastern horizon on Sunday from six to seven o’clock. “This comet does not create a bright scene,” says Sternfreunde. But it should be easy to detect with a telescope or binoculars.

“The arrival of this comet Leonard is not a bright celestial event, but it will be only for us,” the astronomical friends said. After orbiting the sun in a wide curve, the celestial body disappears into vast space and does not return to the solar system. “C / 2021 A1 Leonard” was the first comet to be discovered on January 3 this year. Gregory J. at the Mount Lemon Laboratory in Arizona, USA. Leonard saw him.

Comets are billions of years old and formed from the earliest days of our solar system. They are a mixture of ice, dust and rock. When a comet approaches the Sun, its core, usually a few kilometers in size, evaporates, forming a dense cloud of dust and gas. The tail of the comet then emerges.

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