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How does Hollow Infinite work on the Xbox One?  Analysis of the Digital Foundry -

How does Hollow Infinite work on the Xbox One? Analysis of the Digital Foundry –

The halo is infinite Undoubtedly beautiful on PC and Xbox Series X, but Come to the Xu Xbox One? The digital foundry did as usual Analyzes The technique is to give us a complete answer by directly comparing the four Microsoft consoles.

If you’ve read our review of Halo Infinite, 343 Industries has been able to deliver on its promises, significantly improve the game’s technology sector by using the extra twelve months of deferment, and eliminate post – birth criticism after the popular gameplay. Demo presentation in 2020.

How does MasterSift’s latest adventure work on the basic version of the previous generation site of Redmond House? The Legal ratio In this case it aims at 30 fps Resolution It varies with wide variations from 1080p to 720p depending on the weight of the display.

The experience seems roughly the same, the game world is all there, that’s what’s important, yet the fluidity is questionable Legal speed limit Sometimes the problem and the quality Property And the implications of clearly taxing you on a piece of hardware that is not already square in 2013.

Its Xbox One X Two different graphics modes are available: standard, dynamic 4K (2160p to 1440p depending on the environment) and 30 fps but here with frame speed issues or performance, dynamic 1440p and 60 standard fps – undoubtedly the best solution.

Unfortunately, as already announced, the Xbox Series version of the Hollow Infinite is even worse than the Xbox One X: even in standard mode the resolution does not go above 1080p, while in performance mode it drops to 960p to maintain 60 fps. Here is the best solution.

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