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WhatsApp: You can save status messages of your contacts – Download pictures and videos


Like some other social sites, Messenger is there Share Adapted the format of the story a few years ago and established it as status news in its own use. Status messages follow the rules of the game, so the media cannot be saved or viewed permanently. Today we will show you how to easily save status messages from your contacts.

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The format of the stories lives not only because they usually have very few pictures or small video excerpts, but above all from a tentative design. Content will remain on most sites for a maximum of 24 hours and will be deleted after this time (at least officially). This is very similar to WhatsApp, and in that case you do not give other users the option to save the released image or video.

Why save?
Of course, a lot of status messages do not even think of saving them. But in most cases WhatsApp (depending on your bubble) contains very serious status messages so you may want to save one or the other permanently. But there are also very trivial reasons: you can probably zoom in, zoom out, or slow down the video, or watch multiple times in a row. All the reasons that make saving so practical, except for fake hunting.

Various applications
Saving with on-board resources is not possible, but there are plenty of apps in the Google Play Store that make this possible. I do not want to highlight an application here because they all work on the same principle: once the new status is approved, it can be saved. In most cases, the application will show you ads in the interface, but will download the image or video without any problems. Search for “WhatsApp Status Saver”, focus on ratings and install the basics. Then much can not go wrong. I use This application.

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WhatsApp Status Saver Screen Shots

Not only do all apps work the same, but they also live with the same limitations: only one status can be saved once viewed on WhatsApp. This is because the app only monitors WhatsApp’s temporary media storage and provides images and videos stored there for permanent storage. No utility offers the opportunity to save status without pre-recovery. And so it is.

As is well known, any user can most accurately call when they have seen any position. So you can’t see without noticing another person’s condition. Of course, you can ask the person to send you the desired picture or video, but if for various reasons you do not want to do it or use it often, you do not want to be contacted. Such media, which may be deliberately temporarily published, may not be stored in English, but I think every user who posts there may live with this “risk”.

I use the following app, which is far from ideal. The search term “WhatsApp Status Saver” alone has dozens of results. I tried a few and all were the same. So use what you like and be careful not to catch any malware that sometimes spreads things like this.

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Status saver for WhatsApp
Status saver for WhatsApp

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