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WhatsApp will exclude users who do not wish to provide their data on Facebook

WhatsApp will exclude users who do not wish to provide their data on Facebook

Facebook subsidiary Encrypted News is releasing an update to its Terms of Use, which affects users around the world.

Despite the complaint on Facebook Anti-competitive practices, The social network is approaching its subsidiary WhatsApp. Encrypted messaging, hitherto isolated for the relative security of users’ personal data, will provide additional information to its parent company. Reconstruction users will not be able to use the platform from February 8, 2021.

February 8

In recent hours, some users have received alerts on WhatsApp calling on companies to accept new terms of use that imply access to WhatsApp in exchange with their customers and in alliance with Facebook. This update is of concern to all countries of the world, including France, and Facebook confirms to BFMTV.

From now on, all users will have to agree to share WhatsApp with Facebook, Messenger or Instagram (Facebook’s subsidiaries) along with their phone number, data about transactions or their IP address (which can be used to find them).

Information we share with other Facebook companies, including your account registration information (such as your phone number), transaction data, service related information (sic), and information about how you communicate with others, including companies, when using our mobile device , Information about your IP address ”, thus referring to WhatsApp Frequently Asked Questions.

Until then, under the previous version of the Service Privacy Policy, WhatsApp users had the option not to share their information with other Facebook companies. The opportunity for denial is now gone.

WhatsApp, Future Customer Relationship Platform?

For Facebook, this development is significant. Unlike its Facebook and Instagram platforms, which receive their revenue from targeted ads, WhatsApp makes very little money, especially due to its encryption.

To turn this into a lucrative asset, Facebook now wants to use WhatsApp as an interface For companies, Have the opportunity to pay to interact with their customers, for example within the framework of after-sales service.

With this new update, Mark Zuckerberg’s company will be able to create a global offer by supporting a product’s ad (on Facebook or Instagram) and using WhatsApp as a watch interface for advertisers. Customer relationship.

The phrase “Your privacy is valued in our DNA” at the top of the page dedicated to WhatsApp’s privacy policy has now been withdrawn.

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