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Sleep is "probably the best book recommendation algorithm in the world," co-founder of the app

Sleep is “probably the best book recommendation algorithm in the world,” co-founder of the app

Clip allows you to create virtual libraries and share favorites. – Allili MoU Rat / Siba

  • Clip is a book suggestions app launched in 2015 in La Rochelle.
  • Based on the similarity of virtual libraries, it helps to recommend book references with unparalleled elegance, according to its designers.
  • It is an international development that will begin with the next literary re-entry in September.

Your book Library, One thing that will definitely make you happy, is this
Sleep, A
Application Created for free in La Rochelle, we promise to recommend you. “Word of mouth is the main recommendation for books. We trust our friends and those with similar tastes as we do,” said Guillob Debaik, co-founder and co-founder of the Clip. Basically provides a system of referrals.An attractive activity since the beginning of the year, the number of users has increased by 25%.

“Absolutely crazy results”

Sleep users store the books they want to appear in their virtual library by scanning the barcode, and two million notes are now in its database for 310,000 users. “The principle is simple, Guilloma Deboy continues. Imagine that you have 40 books in common with 10,000 books. All these people except you have three identical books, and we recommend these three pioneers.”

Depending on the books we store (and some users will show up to 8,000 notes), reading suggestions are sent. “We can say without shame that we have developed what is the best book recommendation algorithm in the world,” says Guillo Deboy. It will be working at R&T in five years at the expense of large investments and research laboratories. “The big brands base their recommendations on people buying gold, 40% of the purchases are for gifts and not directly for them. We have a great position,” said the co-founder of Clip.

Not the use of “elite”

The application is intended for those who have five books in their library and for those who read several hundred, manga, thrillers or philosophy essays. “We were particularly careful not to offer a closed, elite app, as it is very easy to use,” Guillo Deboyk comments. The average age of users is 26 and 66% of them are women. If you like, you can share favorites or rands about works displayed in your virtual library.

If a book attracts the user’s interest, they can find the address of an independent bookseller who sells it near their home, in a network of 1,000 online addresses. Some booksellers are reluctant to let new customers go to their stores more often, thereby pushing their doors.

According to a literary re-entry in September, Sleep is now entering a new phase of development. Sleep users can browse waking libraries and subscribe to accounts they want to keep constantly. They also have the opportunity to find references to some such writers Alfred de Montesquieu, The person who selected the application.

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