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WhatsApp novità

WhatsApp, Users Over the Moon for Expected Messages: Now It Is Possible

Another innovation is ready to land on WhatsApp and will revolutionize the sending of certain types of messages. So let’s see what changes in these hours.

Message excites users of the app (via screenshot)

News about Share They never surprise users. In fact, after a totally exciting start to 2021, the instant messaging app More than 2 billion users The world is trying to start all over again. The reason is the arrival of such competition Telegraph e Signal. So for the past few weeks developers have been busy adding new features. But on the web, it is the users who find the most different tricks, which we are going to talk about today How to listen to it before sending audio.

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Cosmetics are very easy to apply. In fact it will be necessary Query chat by opening the app. You have to start Record audio by swiping your finger up, So you can continue to register without having to put it down. You do not have the permission required to post Press Enter but not the key Back to top left for chats. So the trick is done, you will actually find your audio pending by re-accessing the questionable chat so you will have a chance to hear it again.

Another innovation for customization WhatsApp: application ‘changes’ color

WhatsApp News
Application changes color (screenshot)

But another big news might strike ShareThe news application is ready to improve everything related to customization. In fact, we only see it in use to date ‘Classic’ theme And this ‘Dark’ theme. But as Special Portal WABetaInfo, Developers from Menlo Park want to test users’ creativity with more different themes.

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So innovation must come down Application Beta. Also, users can try the update in advance by registering This page. You need to remember to install the beta Share It is even possible to get bugs and crash it while browsing. According to Some news, An update to the main version of the app is expected to be accepted in the next two months. So the developers are again trying to entertain the users with free customization in use.