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WhatsApp turns pink and steals our identity (video)

A new scam is complicating the lives of millions and millions of users of the well-known messaging app.

WhatsApp (Adobe)

One Fraud It has become very popular in recent times against the world’s best instant messaging app. Let’s talk about Share Let’s also talk about the frequency surrounding scammers Planet, Always develop new techniques to make their fraudulent maneuvers more attractive. WhatsApp Pink is the latest Found In whose chronological order, in a period of time Deep Crisis, has developed some more techniques.

Users, often Going on In this case, it will appear in front of a link, through which it will be delivered sms Or unknowingly, through the same instant news site as an accomplice of those who already exist Disappointed. From that moment on, your smartphone, by clicking Link It is questionable, with the relative theft of the will of the fraudsters, which, of course, important data and Information Definitely personal.

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WhatsApp turns pink and steals all our data: Demonstration video

basically, What happens after clicking on the link that has been spreading among us for a very long time now Contacts, You will feel like you have downloaded a new app, but inside True Your phone will be exposed to the evil intentions of those who have no interest other than stealing identities, important accounts and more. Each CaseHowever, there is always Possibility Correct the error by clicking on the link in Question.

Remove Download the app through fraudulent link and remove all traces of it from our smartphone, this is the only way it is possible Try Correct the mistake made. Some Frauds Unfortunately they push the user to do what the fraudster does To, With a terrible nature.

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Fraud is always there Ambush Modern fraudsters will not get lost in the small talk Treats Ability to perform new functions Bring, By cheating, users do what they want, Stealing their personal information and highly sensitive data.