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WhatsApp trick to secretly view someone's photos

WhatsApp trick to secretly view someone’s photos

WhatsApp is one of the applications that consumes the most personal and important conversations of our day, often where many significant moments of our human relationships take place. I do not know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but of course the truth is that the privacy issue in WhatsApp is important, precisely for these reasons.

Entering the platform means being instantly monitored in one’s movements, and everyone knows when we’ve been online and offline. When we enter a chat, our contacts know whether they are reading what they are writing to us or whether they are looking at the pictures they are sending.

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These can all be heavy, but don’t give up, there are ways to escape from this grip. One of these is used to secretly view photos sent to us by our friends without their knowledge.

Android phones usually store chat contents in a special folder. So all you have to do is log in to this place without going through the app. This is a safe shortcut to being invisible.

Sometimes you will find a “download” folder with this content, sometimes you just need to go to the gallery. For example, on the Samsung Galaxy S20 you can access the settings and then go to the storage area and click on the file. At that point you can see the com.whatsapp folder containing the content they sent you.

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