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Windows 11: Automatic updates for all PCs now

Windows 11: Automatic updates for all PCs now

Windows 11

Microsoft got its first patch after the release of Windows 11, which came as a surprise to many users.

Windows 11 enjoyed its first connection day. With the surprise for unsupported PCs. (Source: Microsoft)

  • Windows 11 is the day of its first regular connection.
  • Users on PCs that are not really supported were surprised by the update.
  • Contrary to what Microsoft said, they got an automatic update.

Windows 11 Its first official release since October 5th Patch Day Experience. This came as a real surprise to some users because, contrary to previous reports Microsoft Automatic update provided for all PCs.

As XDA-Developers Microsoft said that not only supported computers can automatically get updates from older devices. These are devices that have been updated with an installation media Microsoft System Requirements Not really met.

Unsupported Windows 11 PCs will receive automatic updates

The manufacturer made it clear in advance that this was possible Manually through the Windows 11 installation media To achieve. However, it is There are no automatic updates for older devices Given this, however, it does not seem to be identical to the facts, because the update channel does not differ between supported and unsupported PCs.

It is not yet known whether this is a permanent condition. Microsoft may introduce a ban on unwanted installations with the upcoming update. A statement or definitive statement on the matter is still pending from the Redmonders.

Everything you need to know about Windows 11

Windows 11 is the name of the future of Windows. Microsoft has released a new operating system. We will tell you the features of the new OS and how to get the free update.

Windows 10 There will be more Until 2025 with regular, automatic updates Given. If Microsoft decides to cut down on automatic updates, this luxury will cost you a quick upgrade to Windows 11. So we advise you to install Windows 11 only if you have it on your computer Windows 11-Sec Contains.

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