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WhatsApp, the new privacy policy – the Internet and the community – comes into effect on May 15

May 15 is approaching, the day when WhatsApp users must accept the new privacy terms. Originally scheduled for February 8, the date was moved by a Facebook-owned company following the intervention of European and Italian officials who accused users of dissatisfaction and lack of clarity of usage. For WhatsApp business related news and European users, due to GDPR, nothing will change significantly compared to the previous regime.

“On May 15 – Explains chat in a special section – No account will be deleted and no activity will be lost following this update. We have shown an announcement on WhatsApp with more information in the last few weeks. After giving everyone the time they need to verify the information provided, we continue to remind those who have not yet done so to check and accept it. After a few weeks, the reminder will continue. “

It will start from this moment, i.e. the user – explains WhatsApp – will receive a constant reminder that there will be “limited access to features” until the updates are accepted. For example, you can not access the chat list, but you can answer incoming calls and video calls. If you have notifications enabled, you can continue to read or respond to messages, or call back in the event of a missed call or video call. After a few weeks with limited functionality – the chat ends – “you will not receive incoming calls or notifications and WhatsApp will stop sending messages and calls on your phone”.

“We’ve spent the last few months providing additional information about the update to our users – a spokesperson for WastApp explains – during this period, most of the people who received it already accepted the update. We will continue to send reminders to these users on WhatsApp in the coming weeks. “

Near the date of the rule, Germany blocked WhatsApp data collection. “We must prevent damage and harm associated with such closed box practice,” said the Hamburg Privacy Supervisor. Facebook made this decision wrong because it is based on a misunderstanding of the description and will not stop publishing and disseminating new Terms of Service regarding privacy.

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