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Download Single Form SFP-01 and Restore Request

Download Single Form SFP-01 and Restore Request

Algeria – Request for postal finance function form (SFP-01) and return of Edahabia card can now be downloaded from the post-Algerian electronic site.

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In fact, the Algerian Post has dedicated a section on its official website in which you can download various forms related to the company’s activities and services, such as the Postal Finance Activity Form (SFP-01) and Request. Restoration of the Ethabia card.

In addition, with the aim of reducing the attendance of citizens to post offices during these times of epidemics. But with the aim of making its services more accessible to its customers. The public company now allows you to download the single SFP-01 form and the request to withdraw the electronic payment card on its digital platform.

In detail, through this first downloadable form Here, The applicant can withdraw from his account, transfer the account from the account or pay the CCP fee. But, issue a cash order, request an RIP (Postal Identity Report) and demand its presence. Or order a check book, request a performance statement or CCP secret code.

Therefore, the postal account holder who wants to perform one of the above steps should fill in only the required fields. So, file this ticket at the nearest Algerian post office. In turn he will receive a coupon, which confirms the appropriate format of his document.

Algeria Post: Request for Renewal of Ethabia Card Available

They can also download the form, especially for customers who want to withdraw their magnetic cards This way. This is a request with mandatory information to allow the public company to return the Ethabia card to interested parties.

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All the account holder has to do is download the form online, fill it out and submit it to the Algeria Post. This request occurs if the customer is unable to appear at the post office; It has his card in it and wants to send it to another post office.Algeria Post Form SFP-01