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WhatsApp takes up a lot of space, how to solve it: do this

WhatsApp takes up a lot of space, how to solve it: do this

Here are the issues if WhatsApp takes up too much space: our smartphone will run out of all its capabilities, can we do something about it? Of course yes.

WhatsApp takes up more space on what to do with photos from the internet

Is WhatsApp taking up more space? This will worry many people who may suddenly realize that they are occupying almost all the capabilities of their smartphone with content related to the most widespread instant messaging application in the world.

In fact, WhatsApp is increasingly used every day, not only to send us text messages, but also to our frequent contacts who send voice messages, photos and videos. Content with more voice recordings, pictures and videos can lead to filling the mobile phone.

That’s why WhatsApp takes up so much space. Day by day, by accumulating everything, we find that a device is slow due to this factor and it is difficult to install new applications or replace other content that we always want to take with us.

WhatsApp takes up so much space, let’s fix it like this

Photos from the web

And as WhatsApp takes up more space, can we do anything to fix this? Of course yes. First, there is a way to free up space that has been occupied over time by eliminating everything we do not want.

In this way we would have regulated the memory of our smartphone. And to prevent this from happening again, you need to change some settings in WhatsApp. First, it is useful to delete old conversations that are no longer updated because we do not interact with them.

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But, most importantly, we need to disable the automatic storage that WhatsApp leads to storing photos, videos and other files in the memory of the mobile phone gallery. This leaves us with the freedom to choose what we want to save and what we do not want to save, protecting our devices’ location and good work order.

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Enter WhatsApp and select in order:

  • Settings;
  • Location and data;
  • Automatic media download;

Once in this submenu we can choose when to automatically download photos, videos, audio and documents when using WiFi, mobile or roaming network. If they are all ticked and you want to disable them, remove the tick.