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"WhatsApp Pinks Go", Beware of Fraud

“WhatsApp Pinks Go”, Beware of Fraud

Link to download the new pink version of WhatsApp, which will replace the traditional green news app. But this is a scam, it is better to be careful not to steal important data, but photos, address book and in some cases passwords. Explain how the latest idea of ​​cybercriminals works – should be avoided altogether, but it has already affected many users –

“In practice – explains the legal info site -, users get a link calling to download this’ new ‘version of WhatsApp, in which the interface changes from classic green to pink. Once installed, the application disappears. Suddenly stealing the device’s main screen and victims’ data control of their address book Active in the context of taking or sending messages to their contacts with a request to download the application. And this scam continues to spread “.

How to intercept and protect your device if it is already downloaded? “We need to uninstall WhatsApp Ping immediately – explains – ​​and close all active sessions from the web version of WhatsApp which is accessible from the official application settings and remove the browser memory”.

But the scam of the pink version of WhatsApp adds to the legal information site, not just being popular on the web in the last few hours. The “6-digit code” is in fraudulent circulation, exploiting the sequence of numbers needed to quickly change the instant messaging app when a user switches to another smartphone or changes their phone number. In this case – we read – the victims leave a message from a contact in their address book (which has already fallen into the trap). Receives, in which he declares that the unique code has been sent via SMS, therefore, requests to send the queue request and the link obtained via the opening SMS, the cyber-criminals are given the green light, they can again access the personal data of the victim, his address book, credit cards. Empty and undoubtedly accounting for victims and making unauthorized expenses.

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