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WhatsApp Pink, Beware of un downloaded application (photos)

WhatsApp Pink, Beware of un downloaded application (photos)

Beware if you receive a message downloading the latest scam WhatsApp Ping that affects users of the popular encrypted messaging app.

The WhatsApp messaging app is once again the target of a major scam. Hackers send a message to the app calling their targets to use the pink version of WhatsApp through a link. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the hackers claim that this version of the news system offers exclusive features.

This message, which is said to have come from the application, is often broadcast in group conversations.

By clicking on the link, you unknowingly download the virus that blocks access to your WhatsApp account. By entering your smartphone in this way, hackers can recover valuable personal data but also spread the virus.

This scam is reminiscent of a virus Share Gold first appeared in 2016, according to the Snoops website, and promises a new color for usability and exclusive content.


Rajshekar Rajaharia, a cyber security researcher, posted a warning on Twitter a few days ago: “Beware of WhatsApp Pink! A virus spreads within WhatsApp groups with an APK download link. Do not click on a link with the name WhatsApp Pink. Full access to your phone will be lost immediately. ”

As a pioneer, Rajshekhar Rajaharia has pointed out, for now, only Android smartphone users are affected.

Beware and act if necessary

To protect yourself, the researcher advises you to uninstall WhatsApp Ping first. To do this, all you have to do is go to the apps or storage space depending on the phone model, which is found in the device settings. You can delete apps installed there, and even hidden apps like this fake WhatsApp. Then, to ensure that you are free from these hackers, you have to sync WhatsApp from all your devices, empty the cache in your smartphone settings, check the permissions of all the apps and remove everything that appears, explains Rajshekhar Rajharia.

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If you find this particular message suspicious or suspicious, report it directly to the application.

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