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WhatsApp now uses status to announce new features

Users Share I woke up this morning to the surprise of the company that released a series of contributions regarding the status of the application. The company used this first post (excluding what we have seen in the past to explain how it works) to announce that we need to get used to these announcements.

News via WhatsApp status

Four stories have been published that announce an important innovation: As for new functions and updates, WhatsApp will release an update on its status and explain how it works. This is a very convenient novelty for those who do not read or browse our articles regularly Changelog In the Play Store (even if useful information is scarce).

In addition to announcing the use of the state to announce messages of use, WhatsApp reminds us with three images that it will continue to act to protect the privacy of its users and to cool the spirits after a change in privacy policy. Remember that we do not care about EU citizens).

Users also remember it WhatsApp cannot read or listen to private conversations, Is protected Final to final encryption So completely safe. However, the first step in adding business announcements is a very naughty view of WhatsApp in this action.

After accustoming users to open images and learn about this or that new functionality, WhatsApp ads can be inserted, unlike what happens to any other user, Cannot disable WhatsApp status.

So, for now, we can expect the announcement of new features or important updates, but we should not be surprised when we see more or less targeted ads in their place.

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