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WhatsApp, New Privacy Rules from May 15: What Changes

WhatsApp, New Privacy Rules from May 15: What Changes

The day has come. WhatsApp changes privacy rules from Saturday, May 15th. Each user has to accept the new terms and if he does not do so, the functionality of the application will be gradually limited and he will not be able to use it after a few weeks. No accounts will be terminated or deleted immediately. The intervention will be gradual, the team explained in response to Fox’s series on its website.

What will happen on May 15?

As a result of this update no accounts will be deleted and no features will be lost. A notification will continue to appear calling you to approve the new terms. “After giving everyone the time to verify the information provided, we continue to remind those who do not, to check and accept. After a few weeks, the reminder will continue,” it says.

From that moment on, you will have limited access to WhatsApp features until updates are accepted. This does not happen to all users at once. You can not access the chat list, however you can answer incoming calls and video calls. If there are active notifications, the user can touch them to read or respond to messages, or call back in case of a missed call or video call.

After a few weeks with limited functionality, you will no longer receive incoming calls or notifications. You cannot answer messages and calls.

Account deleted?

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WhatsApp account will not be deleted if you do not accept the update. But separately, the inactive user policy applies: after 120 days without signing in, the account will be deleted. Deleting your account is irreversible because it involves deleting your message, deleting your WhatsApp backups and deleting your account from all your WhatsApp groups.

What changes, what not

Update of information does not in any way affect the privacy of personal messages. WhatsApp or Facebook cannot read private messages or hear calls because they are protected by the final encryption. These changes affect business reporting features, which are completely customizable, and provide greater transparency in how we collect and use data.

“WhatsApp is built on a simple concept: everything you share with family and friends will be with you,” the company clarifies. This means that we will continue to protect personal conversations with final to final encryption. Thanks to this security measure, no WhatsApp can view Facebook private messages. This is why we do not keep track of who is being called or sent. WhatsApp can’t even see shared location and doesn’t share contacts with Facebook. “

Recent Updates, Notes WhatsApp “is part of a broader WhatsApp program aimed at making communication between individuals and companies more effective, secure and simpler, about preferred business news activities”. Users should be aware that “messaging with businesses is different from messaging between individuals. Some large companies require hosting services to manage communications.” Companies “can view conversations and use this information for marketing purposes, including Facebook ads.” For this they will be marked “always clearly within WhatsApp if you are interacting with an activity that uses these functions”.

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