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WhatsApp is finally available for Windows, how to download?

WhatsApp is finally available for Windows, how to download?

From now on, Share Available now as an application for Windows. How to download on windows? Some answers on what to do next.

On the contrary Telegraph, Which is cloud based and can be used on many devices including tablets and computers. Share Does not work the same way. However, the team Meta I realized that this limit makes the app worse and less competitive than other online messaging apps.

New features to stay competitive

To this end, Share Tried to change the way the application works. Mainly by introducing new features that the competition offers or comes close to. Recently, Share Introduced a feature that allows users to use Share Internet without connecting your phone.

In addition to using the app on all four devices Non-telephone (Mainly computers). At the same time, you can access chats even if you unfortunately lose your phone. Because access has been extended to two weeks. The connection will be terminated after 14 days. So far, so good, isn’t it? There is still good news.

Connect WhatsApp through the official Windows application

At Instead of accessing WhatsApp from a Windows web browser, you can now do so from the official Windows application.

Named Share Beta, The application is available in the Windows Store. As the name implies, it is in beta, so expect some minor bugs for now.

How To Download The Official Windows App Share ?

You can access it from here Ownership. The The structure is simple: Launch the application and scan the code QR You are in it. And remember, yours Share The primary one on your smartphone does not have to be online.

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