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WhatsApp, How to Steal Accounts: Description

Here’s how criminals seize people’s Whatsapp profiles. There have been many reports of such cases in the past

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The WhatsApp Security This is a topic that is somewhat close to everyone’s heart, which is why news related to this issue always attracts attention. Despite the excellent work of well-known producers Instant messaging application, May cause some discomfort from time to time.

This time, however, users were alert in a decisive way There have been many complaints about account theft. An unfortunate situation that seems to have returned fortunately.

Whatsapp: Police explanation for stolen account fraud

In practice, many users find themselves without their profile for a few hours, while it ends up in the hands of others. Everything happened due to “mistake” Whatsapp Internet. As many know, useWhatsapp desktop application Basically you need a verification code, which seems to have ended up in evil hands in this case Hacker.

As a result, many complaints were received State Police An official statement on the matter should be issued. In practice, the police have explained what is going on in these cases.

Nothing new, in fact it is a well-known and integrated technique, viz Fishing. Criminals basically manage to get one SMS to selected victim In which This code is requested to be sent, however, the phone number of someone in the address book will appear as the sender.

Once you respond to an SMS, your Whatsapp will actually be delivered to a third party so they can use it on another device., But mentioning the phone number of the deceived person, he effectively loses the right to the account.

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Because of this The advice to follow is always the same I.e. Never respond to suspicious messages or emails requesting personal or banking information. In fact, if you find content like this, it’s a good idea to report it in a way that allows those responsible to unmask those who commit fraud.