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WhatsApp finally offers an app on Windows PC

WhatsApp finally offers an app on Windows PC

It has long been rumored that the UWP version of WhatsApp is now available for Windows 10 and 11. This is an early beta version that we downloaded and tested from the Microsoft Store.

WhatsApp application UWP

The real WhatsApp application for Windows // Source: Frandroid

After MacOS, Windows now owns the rights to its desktop version of WhatsApp. The rumor announced it a few days back. Starting this Tuesday, you will be able to download the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) version From the Microsoft Store Install it in beta on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC.



Once the software is downloaded, the installation will be the same as the previous browser version. You need to have your smartphone nearby to connect both supports and scan the QR code.



But then, the Windows version supports the new multi-device functionality to run WhatsApp without your smartphone being connected. So it is important to register your smartphone in multi device beta function from mobile app settings.

The first step towards a stand-alone global version

The application is offered as a very similar version in its functionality as you know it on a smartphone. In terms of design, Ergonomics has made some concessions to get closer to the current web version, with a slight touch of Windows.

However, you can still access your notifications, your contacts, and your list of conversations and make more calls. Everything from start to finish is encrypted. If the web version omits some functionality, WhatsApp UWP, which is currently in beta, will eventually make the application version even more universal. After all, of course do without a smartphone.

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In case of leaked and yet unseen information, video calls, voice notes or support for handwriting and image editing are possible. (Around element, add text, etc.).

WhatsApp will restart your conversations on Windows

WhatsApp restarts your conversations on Windows // Source: FRANDROID

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