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Small business is not only about freedom

Small business is not only about freedom

We often misspoke Micro business As a legal position. In fact, a micro-entrepreneur is none other than an individual entrepreneur who has opted for the simplified regime.

By practicing under your own name, you benefit from less cumbersome and less costly legal and administrative formalities. Please note, your Micro-social and micro-financial governance Makes you lighter, but doesn’t free you. Return to Notification Obligations of Small Entrepreneurs.

Self Employed Notification

to Self Employed, there is no need to draft articles of association or go through the formalities of forming a company. The lack of creation of a separate legal entity allows this ease of creation. In fact, you have to complete one Notification of Micro Entrepreneurs.

Notification of turnover

At the beginning of your process, you have to choose whether you want to Declare your income Monthly or Quarterly. Whether you have chosen one or the other option, it is a duty for everyone Micro entrepreneurs, it doesn’t matter if your turnover is zero. This notification should be done online on the URSSAF website.

Failure to do so incurs a fine. Finally, if you don’t regularize your situation within that year, you risk taxation, which may call the benefit into question. Micro Enterprise Program.

Compulsory registration

Depending on your situation, you may be required to keep records. As a merchant or provider of accommodation services, here are the records you need to keep up to date:

  • A book of chronologically cashed receipts; And
  • Purchase Record.

To keep your records, you have a choice between:

  • Download official templates online;
  • use accounting software; And
  • Buy account books in paper form.
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Good to know: Records must be kept for 10 years from the end of the relevant accounting year.

Create invoices

All Micro entrepreneurs It must submit invoices to its professional clients for its services or sales. Your invoice must contain certain legal notices. Attention, from May 15, 2022, there is a new mandatory report, which specifically concerns the invoices of car-entrepreneurs. The words “EI” or “individual entrepreneur” must be written before or after your surname and first name. Don’t hesitate to help yourself Invoice template Free download to help you!

Opening of a dedicated bank account

Very much Micro entrepreneurs, you are under no obligation to open a professional bank account, but only a personal account. The obligation to keep an account dedicated to your professional activity only applies to you if your annual turnover exceeds 10,000 euros in two consecutive years.

Annual Income Tax Return

You must also complete the n°2042 C pro declaration, the annual declaration of your income. You should mention the total income you collected during the year and the amount of capital gains or losses you made during the period. This notice applies to you if you have opted for discharge payment.

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