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Whatsapp, do's and don'ts to stay safe.

Whatsapp, do’s and don’ts to stay safe.

The use of Whatsapp involves some important inconveniences that we can still solve with these simple actions.

How To Ensure Security Of Photos From The Internet Whatsapp

Whatsapp has become capital important To millions of people. For years, the app has been used around the world as part of a family that includes Instagram and Facebook, sending millions, perhaps billions of messages, to any latitude every day.

From the latest updates to the latest updates, WhatsApp usage has been steadily declining. In the event of some disruption, Menlo Park engineers take care to introduce solutions in the short term. Data security in particular is what users ask for above all else.

But to ensure that our privacy is protected, we too must act responsibly and try to stay as far away as possible from potentially dangerous situations. However, there are other behaviors in using WhatsApp and it is good that we are implementing them.

Whatsapp, do’s and don’ts to stay safe.

Photos from the web

For example, we need to disable the automatic storage of videos and photos on our phone directly from the app. WA does it automatically and only interrupts when we block, Using the appropriate command.

This can actually lead to a complete overcharge of our device’s memory, as well as play bad jokes if there is a charge rate for one app.

Another thing to do is to check the access with Whatsapp Web because a computer, unlike our personal mobile phone, can be used by many. So we are careful to exit after each use.

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Always be careful and do not open suspicious links

Sometimes getting it happens Some weird news, With equally strange attachments inside. Well, we will not open anything or it will definitely be complicated. This is the method most often used by bad people to commit fraud.

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Finally, the safest way to stay safe from bad surprises is to run two-step verification. Unlike strangers who grab our cell phone, we can only use our WA.