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WhatsApp, Do they want to spy on your phone?  The trick to protecting yourself

WhatsApp, Do they want to spy on your phone? The trick to protecting yourself

Check out a new trick on WhatsApp that allows the user to protect himself from those who want to spy on you. Let’s see in detail how to use it.

How to Avoid Spies in the News App (via Screenshot)

The vast amount of data on the internet is a truly valuable commodity for all cyber criminals. For this reason, self-defense becomes more important, especially in applications like this Share Contain important data. In fact, we exchange contacts, photos, videos and documents inside. It is therefore important to protect your privacy to prevent this content from being resold to other users.

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To protect ourselves from the onslaught of criminals, often even one is not enough Code to unlock the phone. In fact, we need to be sure to protect ourselves within the application PIN to block WhatsApp. Also, with regard to everyday security, it is important not to let your phone go unnoticed. So we must always be careful to avoid the theft of our personal information.

WhatsApp, reactions to messages are coming: how to use them

Reactions to messages (via screenshot)

There are always so many messages Share, With Developers Those who now aim to improve chats. In fact, the portal thought about launching a sensational blindness WABetaInfo, Verticals accordingly Menlo Parks Are ready to add Reactions to messages. Users can then express their mood with them ‘Reaction‘Is already inside Facebook.

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This way the usage will become more and more Messenger. The ceremony was already over Chat on Instagram And it was recently introduced iMessage. It has not yet been revealed how these reactions to the news will be used graphically. Currently, however, this functionality will only be introduced for Android, but will be available soon iOS e Computer.

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