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WhatsApp degrades telegram and signal

WhatsApp degrades telegram and signal

Even after successfully announcing its new guidelines, WhatsApp has been busy collecting misconceptions and misinformation that has been circulating ever since. In a blog post The Facebook subsidiary has announced that it wants to use the app. The entry begins with humility, “they thought about how we could better communicate the changes” – and it ends in disguise and slander against two very important competitors, Telegram and Signal.

Updated background WhatsApp Terms of Use that you can read here, Changed Privacy Policy, It can be found here. When private users interact directly with other companies via WhatsApp, WhatsApp wants to use them to reveal more clearly how data is collected and used, for example in customer service.

Some networks and individual users have misinterpreted the documents in a way that WhatsApp would like to share more data with Facebook in the future – in Germany as well – so that they can target social network ads and generate friendly suggestions over the phone. Contacts.

What exactly WhatsApp wants to do in the future, however, the company has not yet clearly collected and explained on the prepared page. The information received so far has spread in many blog posts This, This And This.

The new rules must first apply from February 8, and now the deadline is May 15. WhatsApp has extended the deadline to resolve misunderstandings. However, WhatsApp users have to agree to the terms by May 15, otherwise they can no longer use the app to chat or make calls.

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Involuntarily different statements from WhatsApp

This is WhatsApp’s goal, the blog post says, “Everyone knows the background to how much we support end-to-end encryption, and everyone trusts our commitment to the privacy and security of our users.” So WhatsApp will use its status function to “share our values ​​and announcements directly on WhatsApp”.

Then the text becomes involuntarily different. First, WhatsApp is said to “want to try harder to ensure clarity among our users and prevent misunderstandings.” On the one hand, “more” pure PR talk, because it indicates that the efforts made so far have been very effective. On the other hand, nothing is explained in more detail than before in the blog post, which is only linked to multiple blog posts.

Next, it says it will display a banner on the WhatsApp app in the coming weeks, saying “users will be able to find out more about this at their own pace.” It’s just as useful as the banner, because it reaches out to users who are in use: generosity is definitely one thing. What should be the alternative to “your own pace”? Does that set the pace at which people are handling the new rules?

Swipes on telegram and signal

In conclusion, WhatsApp urges us to point out (sometimes intermittent) issues with other Messenger applications: “We have heard some of our competitors falsely claim that they cannot see messages from users,” the blog post said. Apparently the telegram is as can be seen from the next sentence: “However, if an application does not provide the final encryption for a standard end, the operator can still read your messages.”

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In Telegram, unlike WhatsApp, chats are not naturally encrypted from end to end. Only if the narrator explicitly agrees “Secret chat” Start, content cannot be encrypted by telegram.

Telegram announces planned changes to WhatsApp in January (sometimes misunderstood) According to their own information It registered 25 million new users in three days, reaching a total of half a billion accounts.

Signal usage is also said to have benefited from anger over WhatsApp. From Encryption experts Moxie Marlinsbike Although the total number of users of the app currently does not exceed 50 million, the temporarily created app has become the most frequently downloaded app in the app stores. Marlinsbike critiques and maintains Facebook’s data-based business model The signal is particularly data capable Designed.

WhatsApp now teases again in blog post: Other apps claim to be better because they have less information than WhatsApp. We believe that people want reliable and secure applications. The term “reliable” may sometimes be a reference to signal efficiency issues that register many new users.

WhatsApp only requires “a certain amount of data” for secure and reliable operation in any case, WhatsApp writes. “We are trying to make well-considered decisions in this matter.” It sounds like this: always trying.

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