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WhatsApp: Dangerous security hole!  This is how fraudsters get your data

WhatsApp: Dangerous security hole! This is how fraudsters get your data

WhatsApp: Experts warn about dangerous security holes! Warning, how can fraudsters spy on your data!

WhatsApp: You should never make these mistakes

WhatsApp: You should never make these mistakes

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Be aware of dangerous security vulnerabilities Share!

Fraudsters are currently naughty on Messenger. You are using a dangerous security flaw ShareSpy on your data. What can you do about it?

WhatsApp: Dangerous security hole targeting data

Fraudsters need to communicate with you for a long time to get your data. Attack works like this: The fraudster handles a GIF image that no longer complies with RBGA standards. He then sends this to his victim, while at the same time providing the WhatsApp filter, as announced by the web portal “Netsweld”.


This is WhatsApp:

  • Instant News Service was founded in 2009 by John Gomez and Brian Acton in Santa Clara, USA.
  • In 2014, Facebook Inc. Bought WhatsApp for $ 19 billion
  • This application is available for Android and Apple users
  • You can not only send text and voice messages, pictures and videos, but also make phone calls
  • WhatsApp has been repeatedly criticized for lack of data protection


He gets the user to return the GIF with a new filter. This leads to malfunction of the messenger and damages its memory. The fraudster may eventually use this to retrieve his victim’s data.

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WhatsApp: The latest update protects against attacks

WhatsApp responds immediately to vulnerabilities and updates with version Published. Higher versions are protected from scams.

Users who have not yet downloaded the update should do so soon. “Network World” Accordingly, it is urgently advised not to expose the risk further. (nk)