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Les appels WhatsApp évoluent avec 3 nouvelles intéressantes

WhatsApp calls are evolving with 3 awesome messages

WhatsApp has improved voice calls to introduce many awesome new features. That’s all that’s available for use.

WhatsApp is about to make voice calling in the app more effective. Especially those done in a group with others. The company has CEO Will Cathcourt Notice The arrival of a set of new features aimed at improving the app’s group calls.

New features include the ability to disable specific people in group calls or communicate with them via SMS. An indicator will appear on the screen whenever a new person joins the call.

New features of WhatsApp calls are going to be available very soon.

Three new features that come with WhatsApp calls

The option to disable specific persons during the call is one of the most useful features that has come up in this section of the app in recent months. Thanks to this shortcut that appears when a group call member’s name is touched, it is possible to disable his microphone.

From the same menu, you can also send a text message via WhatsApp to the same contact, which can be very useful when one of the participants in the group call has to make some personal contact.

Finally, the indicator that alerts you every time a new person joins the call is especially useful in calls with a large number of participants. This indicator will appear at the bottom of the screen.

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Both features are already starting to come out and will start reaching all WhatsApp users in a few hours. If you want to make sure you can use it as soon as you receive the message, we recommend downloading the latest version of WhatsApp on your mobile.

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