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Booking summer jobs for employees’ children: A bad idea!

For summer jobs, some companies sometimes support the children of their employees.

But beware, although hiring family members of company employees during the summer is not prohibited, they cannot benefit from a privilege, a priority in hiring.

Assigning jobs to employees’ children is not a practice approved by labor law. In accordance with the principle of non-discrimination, due to a person’s family situation (labor code, art. L.1132-1)

If you set aside your jobs only for the children of employees, it is discriminatory based on family status. Equal opportunity in employment is violated.

During your recruitment campaign for these summer jobs, you should definitely take an approach that guarantees your neutrality. Your selection of prospective employees should be made from the following various CVs, in particular, unsolicited application, advertisement etc.

To order applications, we advise you to establish a pre-selection stage. To this end, Tissot Editions allows you to download a standard sample from the document ” Manage ACTIV staff “.

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