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WhatsApp – Biggest Update Now Available: Steps to Download It

WhatsApp – Biggest Update Now Available: Steps to Download It

Learn how to use WhatsApp’s new features. One of them, according to the journal Science Health Plus Make“, allowing a group to have more members.

Saturday, July 2, 2022 (( has more features coming to its messaging app for its loyal users, one of which is the abilityAdd 512 members to a group. Now, SantePlusMag pointed out, “ Users of the latest version of WhatsApp on Android and iOS devices can confirm that this option is available“.

WhatsApp groups with up to 512 members are now possible

The new update is a big step forward for WhatsApp and its group chat. Users can now create groups with up to 512 members. A significant improvement over the previous limit of 256 members per group.

Users can now create groups with twice as many people, which is more useful for business purposes like customer support or product launches.

To find out if the new feature is available to you, go to your app center and check for app updates. If WhatsApp is on its previous version, update the app and open it.

When you open an already updated app, create a group to test the new feature and see how many people you can add.

You can also do this by checking the current group that you are an admin of. If you add more members, the screen will show how many more contacts you can enter in the chat.

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The process of adding members to a WhatsApp group is easy.

All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Open your WhatsApp app on your device
  • Press the “New Group” button
  • Add desired participants
  • Enter the group name and press “Create Group”.

Add new members to an existing group:

  • Open your WhatsApp app on your device
  • Enter the group you want to add users to, and you are an administrator
  • Click the group name at the top of the screen
  • Scroll down until you find the “Participants” tab
  • Choose “Add Participants” if the person is already in your contact list or choose “Invite via link” where a link will be generated for the user to click and be automatically added to the group.

Another new update

Another new feature offers the ability to share files up to 2GB, a big improvement over the previous 100MB limit.

WhatsApp says files are protected with end-to-end encryption and recommends using Wi-Fi to share especially large files, though downloads will display a counter telling you how long you’ll have to wait.

Source: Health + Mac