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Hood : Outlaws & Legends, Parmi Les Jeux Gratuits Sur

How to download them on PC

Epic Games Store is giving away not one, not two, not three games for free the week of June 30th through Thursday July 7th. In addition to Hood: Outlaws & Legends, platform users can purchase Iratus: Lord of the Dead and Geneforce 1: Mutagen at no additional cost. However, once claimed, they can be held forever.

Every Thursday the Epic Games Store reveals what’s next. Starting July 7, players will be able to get Ancient Enemy and Killing Floor 2.

Hood: Outlaw & Legends features teams of two players competing for stormy environments patrolled by guards. Each protagonist uses their own unique skills and powers while infiltrating and stealing treasures. And when all else fails, there’s nothing like fighting a visceral battle. Iratus, on the other hand, is a tactical RPG that lets you explore dungeons in a dark fantasy world. Like Geneforce 1: Mutagen, players are immersed in an RPG set on an alien landscape.

How to download for free on PC

  1. To download, an Epic Games Store account is required.
  2. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for free here.
  3. Fill in the various fields (surname, first name, username, email address and password) and select whether you want to receive business information.
  4. Accept the Terms of Service and follow the steps to activate the account.
  5. Run the two-step verification process.
  6. Once you have access to it, go to the link at the top of this message to retrieve your copy.
  7. If you don’t have the PC client, download it from this link.
  8. Now you can access your game library.
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Source | Epic games