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WhatsApp and Elon Musk top the signal usage app rankings

WhatsApp and Elon Musk top the signal usage app rankings

Considering the success of the competition, The New WhatsApp Privacy Policy Its users do not like them. In early January, the most popular instant messaging service (two billion users) announced that it would share data collected on WhatsApp with other sites owned by Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook, Messenger and Instagram) starting next month. To send personalized ads, you need to have more and more complete user profiles.

As hundreds of millions of people prepare to accept WhatsApp’s new, mandatory terms, a growing number of users on Twitter began to protest. In various posts, on January 7th One will appear Made in two words and reaches 340 thousand likes and over 50 thousand retweets in a short period of time. The two words “use the signal” and typing them are none other than the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, the world’s richest man and the controversial guru of the digital world.

The results are immediate: the same day Muskin tweeted that the encrypted news site created in 2014 by a non-profit Open whisper Receives 63,000 downloads; The next day this number reaches 90 thousand. Signal – Its total number of users is unknown, but should be around Some tens of thousands of users – Currently the top downloaded app on the Apple App Store and Google Play on Android, Telegram (another privacy-sensitive news site) in both cases.

By the way, why the signal boom instead of the telegram that already trusts 400 million users? Aside from Elon Musk’s massive publicity, it is necessary to point out things like the signal Announced According to digital expert Vincenzo Cosenza, it is the only site that does not collect any data from users, while Telegram collects three (Messenger comes at 14 and WhatsApp instead at 9). After years of apathy, the focus on privacy seems to be on the rise.

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