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WhatsApp allows you to send automatic messages: How to do it

WhatsApp allows you to send automatic messages: How to do it

In WhatsApp, users also have the ability to send automatic messages. Let’s see how to use this function.

Unprecedented functionality within the application (via screenshot)

Share It is the most used instant messaging application in the world today with over two billion active users. With Menlo Park developers, we can see inside many functions that are constantly working in the application. In addition, the service provided Colossus meta Contains tons of tools unknown to users. One of these allows you to send messages automatically.

In fact, you can activate it by downloading the version.Business‘Application. Once the download is complete, go to ‘and send an automatic message.Settings‘,’Functional systems‘Finally click’Welcome message‘. Then move the lever ‘On‘And press’Save‘. When sending messages automatically in the main application, a third processor can be downloaded SKEditAvailable for free on the Play Store.

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WhatsApp, the latest update for ‘PC’: what changes

New update for instant messaging app (via screenshot)

There are always many updates in it Share. This time, however, the latest update is not about the mobile version, but something about it PC. In fact novelty comes to both Windows For that macOS. The beta can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. More new Universal Windows App (UWP) Whatsapp is completely new. In its version Windows 11 It also integrates updates Acrylic graphic effects. With the new operating system, the speed of the application that opens in less than a second also increases.

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The Drawing function, This allows you to draw on a special panel and send the result as a picture. Notices will be sent even if the application is closed. According to the portal Lumia updates Not only are the stickers missing, it will often be included in subsequent editions. For iOS, the updated app should work as well IPod. At present, however, there is no information on an upcoming date Mac Not even on the iPad.