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WhatsApp adds two new features to silent, voice messages: what changes here

Share This kind of change is not new, where it quietly and without interfering with anything gets its hands on its functions, so it is not surprising to find out what the administration has been up to in the last few days. Voice messages.

The time has not yet come Flash playback, So do not rush to take the champagne out of the fridge to taste his health, but the two new changes that have come in the last few days bring more synchronization and greater order to the voice messages and their information.

Blue tick for the voice messages you hear

So far, when the recipient hears the voice message, a double blue tick appears next to the record, even though the reading receipt is disabled. However, from now on, it is necessary for the intermediaries, i.e. both the sender and the receiver, to keep the reading receipt active, so that a double blue tick will appear next to the record when running again. In this case, this is a bug that has now been fixed so that the function of voice messages is compatible with text messages.

Now the voice listened to the mail

This may seem like a foregone conclusion, but so far it has not. Whether sent in a private conversation or sent in a group, it is now possible to see the exact time the voice messages were heard. Select your own voice message with a long press, press the three dots in the upper right and select the information here to receive the full report of the voice message, with the exact time asked by the recipient or, in the case of a group, by the recipients.

This means you can now find out when a text message was delivered, viewed and activated, just as it does with text messages. So, in this case, months like voice messages text, finally. This is what he introduced Share In the last few days for voice messages: Have you already noticed these changes or are you only aware of them at this time?