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Users can quickly add by drawing missing roads

Users can quickly add by drawing missing roads

L application GPS Google Maps (description). – Photomix-Company / Pixabay

Different mapping and competition between GPS Is rude. In this situation,
Google Map It constantly adds new features to its service in order to stand out.

Recent invention: “A tool” Ways Missing ”. The latter will allow everyone to report ways and paths that have never existed before
Application, Explained the Mountain View Company this Thursday His blog, Report 01 Net.

Every change is subject to verification

Accessed via this new function Application Web From Google Maps. Thanks to this tool, users can mark missing roads, but also change traffic conditions on existing lanes to update one-way streets, restricted directions or street names.

Every change proposed by users is subject to verification and will only appear after verification. The “Missing Roads” tool will be used in more than 80 countries in the coming weeks, including France.

At the same time, Google Allows web users to post their own photos to certain locations and have access to photos shared by others. One way Google Maps can get out of its GPS functionality is to get closer to the social network.

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